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PlanG is an easy way to
give back, see your impact and inspire others.
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Over 1 million nonprofits
250+ socially-minded businesses
A suite of giving

It all starts with finding your cause


Dog Shelter


Now, find your cause



Now, find your cause

Rain Forest


Now, find your cause

Giving feels good.
Organized giving feels like a million bucks.

After you’ve found your favorite nonprofits, PlanG provides you with your own
secure giving account and a suite of tools to organize and amplify your efforts.


An account for your
good deeds

The PlanG giving account is the hub of all things giving. Giving dollars are securely added from your credit or debit card, from our brand partners or by redeeming a PlanG gift card. You can then donate to your favorite causes and we’ll keep track of all the good you do.

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Shop with purpose.

We’ve partnered with more than 250 major brands to transform your everyday shopping into feats of purpose. Simply shop online, earn free giving dollars for your causes and say goodbye to buyer’s remorse for good!

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Share your giving story.

There’s a lot you can do as an individual, but real impact happens when we work together. PlanG makes it easy for you to share your good deeds and inspire friends to do something amazing.

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Fundraise your cause.

Give more with a little help from your friends. Easily set-up a fundraising campaign and share it with your family and friends to maximize your giving impact. Pick a nonprofit, set a goal and see what a crowd can do.

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Your Dashboard brings it all together.

Random acts of kindness? Love them. Impactful and organized feats of purpose? Even better. Your dashboard provides a record of your donations and giving influence. From your tax report to the impact of your fundraisers—it’s all here. Learn more


Keep your favorite nonprofits in one place for fast and easy giving.


View your fundraisers to see the support you’ve rallied from your network to help you reach your goals.


A report card you’ll want to share. A glimpse of all your good deeds, so you never forget.


Deposits come in all shapes and sizes. See how you, businesses and friends have helped fund your giving account.

Tax Reports

You give. We keep track. Accountants cheer. Download a complete tax report without the paper receipts.

PlanG is good for givers, good for nonprofits, and good for cosmic brownie points.

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